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Dear President Obama: Thanks For Not Tweeting At Three A.M.

President Barack Obama
Photo by Dana Beverage

Dear President Obama:

“When they go low, we go high,” your beautiful wife, Michelle, said. And so many times, you’ve had to do just that. Go high. Go high. And then, go high once again.

Ever since your 2008 presidential race, you’ve had my respect and support. I had never campaigned for any candidate, but back then, your words moved me into action, and I was proud to go door-to-door for you. I was honored to have you as our first African American President.

With every passing day of this new administration, I have gained more and more admiration for you and the eight years you spent in our nation’s capital providing steady leadership. I admire that you did not get up at three a.m. and tweet nonsense into the universe.

Whenever you stood at a podium to give a speech or talked to the media or attended any televised event, you were always stable, eloquent, dignified. Yet, in certain appropriate settings, you showered us with your sense of humor. We saw that you could tell a joke, but you could take one, too.

Your quiet strength encouraged me. The words that came from your mouth made sense. They were not frenetic or fear provoking. You respected our constitution, our media, and the freedoms Americans have fought for and currently enjoy. Under your watch, a national healthcare program was passed—one that has provided emotional and physical relief to many U.S. citizens. You tried to find ways to protect our fragile environment, and you encouraged and supported inclusiveness and diversity—attributes that, based upon the popular vote of the last election—are some of the same qualities a majority of Americans must also value.

During your time in office, I traveled to Europe, South America, Mexico, and Canada. I spoke to different individuals from these countries. Those that I encountered commented on your even-keeled leadership and their admiration for the way you handled yourself in the United States as well as when you traveled abroad. They talked about how much they appreciated your stance on working toward world peace whenever possible.

Sometimes I wonder why anyone would choose to be president in this country of ours. The viciousness of those that oppose could have hardened you, broke you down. But they didn’t. During your presidency, you didn’t try to bully our allies, build walls, break treaties, spew hatred, divide our nation, or continually make false statements. Instead, your leadership lifted us up. Your positive actions made me want to be a better person, a better American.

President Obama and Michelle
Photo by Pete Souza

So thank you, President Obama. You’ve represented our country well. Thank you for your honorable service and for your noble leadership. But even more, thank you for being a decent human being, a loving and dedicated husband, and father. You and your beautiful family are the epitome of class.

I was so proud to call you my President.

Warmest regards,

Linda Atwell


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  • Kristi Rieger Campbell

    *sob* Obama’s first race was the first time that I went door-to-door, too. He was so inspiring, so wonderful, so different… he’s a guy that I know I’d love to know. Michelle is such a class act, too. So beautiful and you just know that if you could have them over for game night or something that they’d be as wonderful in person as they seem. Trump terrifies me. In all of the ways. I really truly don’t understand those who say that they thought Obama was bad… is it because he’s black? Maybe. Probably? I don’t know. I’m sad and all of the things, as you know. This is a beautiful letter, Linda. <3

    • Every time #45 tweets something, I know it is because he is trying to divert our attention away from him. He seems like the wife-beater who then turns on the wife and tells her all the things she did to make him beat her. He’s distracting us from HIS issues, HIS problems.

      I too don’t understand how anyone could not find good in Obama. I recently went to Obama’s president FB page and there is so much hatred and ugliness being written there. How someone could think that #45 has class—to me all I see is a lack of class. I see a bully who also terrifies me.

      This letter was late in coming. I had wanted to write it earlier but am actually glad I waited till now. With #45’s latest tweet firestorm, I felt that Obama needed some support. I hope he knows that so many of us have not forgotten all he has done for our country. I hope he doesn’t let all these false accusations hurt his beautiful spirit. I hope our country makes it through the next four years.