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Liebster Award

 I couldn’t believe it when Finding Ninee selected Out One Ear for a Liebster Award. I didn’t know this award even existed until I did a little investigating, and it certainly does. Kristi wrote:  the word “liebster” is German for “darling” although when I looked it up, it said it means “favorite.” All I can say is, I’m flattered. Thank you, Finding Ninee.

Liebster AwardLiebster Award Rules
1. You must thank the person who gave you this award
2. You must display the Liebster heart on your blog
3. You should nominate 3 to 5 up-and-coming blogs with less than 200 subscribers
4. Each person must post 11 random things about themselves
5. Answer the questions given to you by the blogger who nominated you
6. Create 11 questions for those you nominate to answer
7. Notify your nominees and provide a link back to your post.
8.  You’re not supposed to do “ping-backs”

Here are 11 random things that you might not know about me:

1. I’ve lived in six different towns so far.
2. Every place I travel to is my favorite at the time.
3. I had a practice-husband.
4. I don’t think I like sushi, but probably will never know since I’m afraid to taste it.
5. Last year I flew to Guatemala solo and attended a chocolate ceremony with Keith, The Chocolate Shaman. Very out of character for me!
6. I’d like to do a different job every year for the rest of my life–just to try something new.
7. Although I love order in my house, my writing office looks like a bomb went off. I don’t see that changing anytime soon.
8. I’m grateful for my friends who have believed in me–even when I didn’t always believe in myself. You know who you are. Thank you.
9. I’ve always wanted to drive a Mercedes Benz. So I finally bought one.
10. I rarely watch television since Oprah left free TV.
11. If I could wear black and white every day, I would.

These are the 11 questions from Finding Ninee:
1. What is your secret dream?  To write a bestseller. (I don’t think that will happen, but you asked for my secret dream.)
2. What does your significant other not know about you that a friend does? my actual weight
3. If you could have one wish that didn’t earn you money and didn’t magically fix something, what would it be? For people to be kinder to one another. I’m a non-violent person and wish that everyone else wanted the same thing.
4. How would you describe your personal style? eclectic
5. What three words do you think your closest friends would use to describe you? traveler, creative, driven
6. If your house were on fire, and your family and pets safe, what three items would you attempt to save? Grandma’s quilts, photo albums, and family pictures
7. Do you believe in plastic surgery? Yes
8. What’s number one on your bucket list? To finish my book. 
9. If you had one hour of secret free time, how would you use it? I had to give a puppy away that I loved (too many painful reasons to share here). If I had one hour of secret free time, I’d go visit Oscar Jack. I miss him so.
10. Beer, wine, mixed drinks, water or soda? Two weeks ago, I gave up my very, very, very best friend: diet pepsi. I miss her every single day. So, I’d say soda. Lots of soda.
11. Are you afraid of the dentist? no

Regarding choosing the blogs to pass The Liebster Award along to, I have to say that this part was the most difficult because so many of my favorites already posted a Liebster heart.  Some didn’t show if their subscribers so I assumed it was less than 200. And I would have selected Finding Ninee because she creates this fun and amazing artwork that I couldn’t even imagine doing. But since we can’t do ping-backs (and she already received two Liebster awards in one week–CONGRATULATIONS!) I nominate five very deserving blogs that I love and follow. I hope you check them out!

1.Girl With The Cane
2. Chronicles of Ellie Bellie Bear
3. Bates Motel
4.Mum of 4
5.Taking It Day By Day With Developmental Delays

Here are my eleven questions for my nominees:
1. What is your favorite travel destination and why?
2. Do you own any pets? If so, what kinds?
3. Rain, sunshine, snow, or cloudy?
4. The mountains or the beach?
5. How do you motivate yourself to exercise?
6. Did you make a New Year’s resolution? Share if you like.
7. Who is your bestest (yes, bestest is a word in my world) Valentine?
8. What was your favorite all-time Valentine gift?
9. How far in advance do you plan a vacation?
10. What is your dream car?
11. If you could move to any other city in the world, where would it be?

Loving Lindsey CoverMy first book, Loving Lindsey: Raising a Daughter with Special Needs will be out September 26, 2017. If you would like to learn more, click here.

I share many passions in this world: antiquing, gardening, hiking, traveling, taking amateur photographs, writing, sitting on a white, sandy beach with my husband and sipping a frozen margarita—just to name a few. If you enjoy any of these things too, let's connect! The world is better with friends.

  • barbarella

    Hi, it depends. As a German, if I saw the word by itself, I would immediately think of “darling”–for which it is an obsolete term. If it’s used in connection with a noun, as for example in “mein liebster Blog” it means favorite. I just don’t find it a particularly good choice for what it is meant to express and it must have been picked by a non-native speaker of German. Hope this clarifies it a bit! Congratulations, anyway! 😉

    • Thanks for the information. Not sure where this award originated, but was pleased to be selected. I always appreciate feedback. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment.

  • Kristi Campbell

    Congratulations again, Linda! I love your questions and the answers to the ones I sent! I, too, had a practice-husband. And you know what? I think it’s totally fine to wear black and white all day 😉

    • Awww Kristi. Glad you enjoyed them. I saw that you had a practice husband. I love saying that because I’ll be married to the current one for 31 years on April 10th. Again, thanks for giving me the award. I’m grateful for the support of my fellow bloggers!

  • Todd

    Dear God, you gave up Diet Pepsi? Wow. From someone who has seen your love for that beverage first hand, I must say… RIP Diet Pepsi. You will always be loved.

    Does this mean I can’t drink Pepsi around you? Should I attend a few PA meetings to understand what you’re going through?!! Just know, I’m here for you Aunt Linda. The whole family is. It will be okay !!

    BTY – Congrats on the award !!

    • Thanks Todd. You can drink DP around me. I may try to drink one or two here and there. But right now, I’m refraining. I hate refraining. Hate is the key word!

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