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Ten Things I’m Thankful For Today

In addition to the ten items listed below, I’m grateful that Kristi Campbell of Finding Ninee took the time to remind me of this blog hop this morning. There are so many more things to be thankful for than the ten I listed below, but I’ll catch some of them next time.

1)  For my unusual talent: hula hooping. And at fifty-five, I can still twirl several hoops at one time, simultaneously on different parts of my body! (I was a Wham-O hula-hoop champion in the 70s and won an all-expense paid trip to Disneyland for my efforts.) This talent still comes in handy at times.

2) My husband, John. Last week I did a step-father’s day tribute to him. He is awesome. I feel incredibly fortunate to have found this man–and despite the challenges of raising a child with special needs–that our  marriage has lasted thirty-one years and counting.

3) This rainy summer Sunday. I’m able to stay inside and write all day without any guilt.

Evert Aldridge Picture
My Dad, Evert Aldridge

4) The fantastic* memories of my dad. Wish he still lived here on this earth, but am glad I get more time to enjoy my mom.  (*Fantastic was one of my dad’s favorite responses, like in, “I’m fantastic!”)

Whiskey the Dog
Whiskey the Dog

5) For Whiskey.  No, not the alcohol. The Shih Tzu puppy I’ve been babysitting for a whole week. She is adorable. I’m one lucky gal. (We lost our Shih Tzu a year ago this month and it has been a joy to have a dog back in our house. Miss you Arthur.)

6) That my wireless internet is working right now. It has only worked sporadically all weekend.

7) That I’m retired and I can do what I want, when I want.

8) That we are empty nesters–both our kids are living and working in the real world and doing great. (Lindsey needs more support, but that’s OK.)

9) That I am taking a writing class with Jeff Baker at The Attic Institute for the next four weeks. I’m sooooo excited!

10) That I still have plenty of dreams yet to fulfill.


Loving Lindsey CoverMy first book, Loving Lindsey: Raising a Daughter with Special Needs will be out September 26, 2017. If you would like to learn more, click here.

Ten Things of Thankful

I share many passions in this world: antiquing, gardening, hiking, traveling, taking amateur photographs, writing, sitting on a white, sandy beach with my husband and sipping a frozen margarita—just to name a few. If you enjoy any of these things too, let's connect! The world is better with friends.

  • Kristi – Finding Ninee

    I am so very very glad that you joined today! I love your list. Awesome to hear that you have a puppy frolicking in your home again (will this lead to one of your own, perhaps??). I especially love number 10. It’s so important to remember that life is full of dreams to still fulfill. May you get to all of them.

    And congrats on the writing class – what a lovely luxury! Happy Sunday, friend! (it’s raining here, too, and I have spent 100% of Tucker’s naptime on the computer.)

    • Thanks for the reminder this morning, Kristi. Really appreciated that. That little girl puppy is making my whole weekend. Her mama should be here any minute to pick Whiskey up and our house is going to feel so lonely once again. Oh well. With our travel schedule, a pup isn’t on the horizon anytime soon.

  • Dyanne @ I Want Backsies

    I no longer have my hula hooping mojo. Don’t know what happened to it, but I can no longer hula hoop to save my soul. But I once won a hula hoop contest in a bar in college. And I got a Shoop Shoop Hula Hoop for my birthday when I was about ten. It was hot pink and completely awesome.

    • Dyanne, I love the Shoop Shoop hoops. The problem with hula-hooping (at least that I’ve found) is that once the two mounds, i.e. breasts grow on your chest, it gets harder and harder to move the hula-hoop around. So when I was entering contests and was flat-chested, the hoops moved when/where I wanted them to: up to my neck, down to my knees. Congrats on your hula hoop win. We are sisters in that arena! And thanks for leaving a comment. I love it when readers do just that. Have a great Sunday evening.

  • I love it when guys hula-hoop. But I should share (although my brother will hate this) that he (my brother) was a champion himself back in the day. Guys have less bumps to maneuver around and so they can actually be better hula-hoopers than girls. I believe the person who won at the national competition in Anaheim, CA the year I competed was a guy! Thanks for reading and leaving a comment. Welcome to Out One Ear.

  • Thanks, Christine. Hula-hooping has been a fun and unique talent. Both of my sisters and my brother also hooped it up in the 70s. Later, my husband and I used to cruise a lot and they often had talent shows. Up until about ten years ago, I’d enter and perform a hula-hoop act to Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot…one of the calypso songs the shipboard bands played. Those were the good ol’ days. Thanks so much for reading and leaving a comment. 🙂 Welcome to Out One Ear.

  • Joy

    Hey Linda,

    Wow, I am totally impressed by your Hula-hoop skills!! Woot woot!

    Your hsuband and your dad both sound so awesome! I love that you gave them such a beautiful shout-out!

    Whiskey is adorable! <3

    Having dreams and being able to fulfil them is so important and wonderful!

    Thank you so much for linking up with us! Hope to see you again soon!

  • Considerer

    (could swear I left you a comment before!) I love that you can hula-hoop so well. I always struggled with just the one!

    The writing class sounds awesome, as does having the afternoon to indulge in writing 🙂 Thanks for joining in the hop and sharing these, especially your #10.

    • Thanks so much for reading and leaving a comment. Glad you enjoyed my list. I appreciated you allowing me to participate in this great hop. 🙂

  • Kandi

    Eh–hum, I thought “I” found John for you. . . . I want my credit for a job well done!!!! Lol!!!

    • You’re right! You are the reason we are together. Thank you sister!

  • Cynking Feeling

    That hula-hooping photo is awesome. And impressive. I’m always excited when I can keep one hoop going.