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Valentine’s For A Special Needs Couple

Hand Made Valentine's Day CardIf a simple project added giggles and smiles to someone else’s life, would you participate? Would your child add one more name to their list of Valentine recipients? Do you know of a classroom that would delight in supporting a couple with mental challenges who love to receive mail?

Nick and Lindsey initially wanted to marry on February 14th(please click here for their love story),but they couldn’t wait one-hundred and twenty-three days to walk down the aisle. Instead, this thirty-something couple will celebrate their four-month anniversary on Valentine’s Day.

Nick And Lindsey On Their Wedding Day
Nick And Lindsey On Their Wedding Day

Nick has Dubowitz syndrome. Lindsey has intellectual challenges from an unidentifiable syndrome. He drives a car; she works part-time. She inherited the clean gene; he inherited the “good sense of humor” gene. They complete each other, which is good since they struggle with building friendships with peers. Other than family, their world remains rather small.

Sometimes though, when they venture out of Silverton and walk through Walmart, people stare. They stare at Nick’s head, at Lindsey’s tremors, her uneven gait. On occasion, the couple is teased or a cocky young man mutters derogatory comments under his breath.  I tell them to ignore the stares, but I don’t have words for those who are unkind or cruel. I tell them lots of people are inspired by their independence–inspired that a special young man and a special young woman found his/her partner in life. I tell them that they are loved and supported by a huge village. One bigger than they can imagine.

For sixteen years Lindsey has given to Children International (click here for story), sponsoring three little girls from the Philippines. She asked for nothing in return, but her favorite part of adopting these kids: receiving handwritten letters and photos in the mail.

Be My Valentine HeartSo in honor of Valentine’s Day, and Nick and Lindsey’s four-month anniversary, we’ve started a campaign to send the newlyweds valentines, hopefully from all over the world–to show them that goodness overrules nastiness; that there are people who believe in them and will send juvenile, cut-out Valentine’s with animated kitties or puppies or cartoon characters (perfect for this couple) or a homemade heart with a personal greeting. If you’d like to participate and make this Valentine’s Day extra special for two “special” people, please send your Valentine to:

Nick and Lindsey
c/o Patricia Fowler
General Delivery
Silverton, OR 97381*
*Cards are being sent General Delivery to protect the newlyweds privacy. They will be picked up and delivered on Valentine’s Day.

The newlyweds love to receive regular, old-fashioned mail, but as time ticks by, your Valentine wishes may not arrive in time. (We will pick up mail for the next 30 days–so don’t worry if they are a little late.) One of my favorite fellow bloggers, Ellen Seidman of Love That Max, suggested creating a special email account–just for the newlyweds. So if you prefer to send a greeting via email, please send it to: ValentinesforLindseyandNick@OutOneEar.com. And a quick shout out and thank you to Love That Max for the great suggestion!

Thanks Allison Slater Tater for retweeting this post!

Loving Lindsey CoverMy first book, Loving Lindsey: Raising a Daughter with Special Needs was released in September 2017. If you would like to learn more, click here.

I share many passions in this world: antiquing, gardening, hiking, traveling, taking amateur photographs, writing, sitting on a white, sandy beach with my husband and sipping a frozen margarita—just to name a few. If you enjoy any of these things too, let's connect! The world is better with friends.

  • What a LOVEly idea Linda. My girls and I will definitely be supporting this campaign, and I’ll be sharing this story with others who I hope will do the same. As always, thank you for continuing to share this experience and for your enouragement and support of families who care for a special needs child.

    • I am so glad you are my friend. 🙂 I’m one lucky gal.

  • Kelly and Zak

    Zak and I will be sending them valentines. Count us in

    • How sweet Kelly! I know they are going to thing this project is grand. I can’t wait to see their faces.

  • Our class will be sending them cards as well! Our teacher is all for it. It’s good for kids to think about others by doing random acts of kindness. 🙂

  • Rita Cother Caruso

    Nick and Lindsey, make a beautiful couple happy Valentine’s day to a very special couple, God bless you both and keep you safe. May your life be always filled with happy times laughter and happiness and love and good health. Love from Rita and Jamie (cousins from Australia on Jamies father’s side (Terry Cother) who is Nicks mother’s first cousin.

  • sara etgen-baker

    What a beautifully written tribute to a special couple. Thanks for sharing your blog and this story, Sar

    • Thanks Sara. Glad you checked it out. And thanks for leaving a comment!

  • Kristi Campbell

    My son and I would love to make Nick and Lindsey a valentine. I’ll also post a link to this on my blog, Facebook page and Tweet it. What a beautiful idea!
    XO Kristi

    • Thank you Kristi! They are going to be so stoked!

  • sally

    i think this is amazing how much you love your daughter and i think you are a agreat mom and good luck i am in courtney myers class and im making like a bunch of valentines my name is sally

    • Thanks Sally. You are very sweet. Tell Ms. Courtney Myers hi, and thanks for supporting this cause!

    • Sally- You are wonderful! I’m so proud to have you in my classroom. You made my heart smile.

      -Mrs. Myers

  • Alana Terry

    What a wonderful idea!! Here’s my note for the newlyweds:
    Lindsey and Nick, I hope you have a very happy Valentine’s Day and always stay as in love with one another as you were on your wedding day four months ago. May you each respect and love each other and encourage each other every day. May you never take each other for granted, and may your marriage be filled with joy and unity.

    • I’ll pass your message on. Thanks for taking the time to leave one. I know they will appreciate it!

  • Kristi Campbell

    Just posted this on my Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/FindingNinee

    • Thanks so much. It’s coming out in the Statesman Journal tomorrow morning. And two news stations in the Portland area are interviewing the kids and me tomorrow. Exciting stuff! Didn’t think a little Valentine’s Project would generate so much enthusiasm.

  • M

    This is just beautiful, and so innocent! I will be mailing a valentine too!! Thank you for sharing their story!! I have a special needs niece, and hope she will find true love one day too! God’s Blessings on all of you and your family 🙂

  • Dear Nick and Lindsey,

    I am happy you found each other. Don’t let anyone make you believe your love is not special.

    Since I am single I have to quote Leo Tolstoy: “[…] there are as many kinds of love as there are hearts”.

    Happy Valentine’s Day,


  • Kristi Campbell
    • How awesome is this? Thanks Krsiti. You are an amazingly talented young woman. We appreciate your support. I love my blogging family!

      • Kristi Campbell

        I don’t know about the talent but I’m so excited to see how many Valentine’s cards Nick and Lindsey can get! <3

        • I’ll be doing a follow-up story a little later this month. I can’t wait to recognize all of you who helped make this a spectacular Valentine’s Day. The newlyweds are a little overwhelmed with all the attention!

  • I found you through Kristi’s blog tonight and just wanted to say I was so amazed at this couple’s love and having two little girls of my own, my heart was so full reading through your blog and their love story. Happy Valentine’s Day to these two special and lovely people and just so glad Kristi did share and am now following your blog, too 🙂

    • You are so kind Janine! All this support has choked me up. Big time! Thanks for finding Out One Ear, I hope you will visit often.

  • Dear Nick and Lindsey: Happy Anniversary and Happy Valentine’s Day to you both…wishing you many, many more happy days together. All the best, The Cappo Family

  • Dear Nick and Lindsey,
    Happy Valentines Day! This is your first as a married couple, so it is extra great. Wishing you a beautiful day, many more holidays together and much love in the future!
    Rachel and Claire Demas

  • Robert

    Happy valentines day to both of you. In this world it is great to see two connected people who make this a better place to live. Robert

  • Ne Ne

    Hi Nick and Linsey
    congratulations on your marriage and I want you to know i hope your
    happy and have a great happy life together and Guess what iam a special needs person also and i wish you the best valentines in the world all the best to You sincerly Anita

  • This is so sweet! Congratulations to two people who found each other. Happy valentine’s. 🙂

  • Nancy

    Happy Valentines day to a sweet couple. Thanks for sharing your store. May you have a great day. Nancy

  • Cuyler

    You have a beautiful love story! Happy Valentines Day Nick and Lindsey

  • Cuyler

    Such a sweet story….Happy Valentines Day Nick and Lindsey!

  • Have a happy valentines Nick and Lindsey and many years of happiness. My wife and I are going to celebrate our 35th wedding anniversary on valentines day and believe everyone should follow their heart as you two have.

  • Della Manley

    Happy Valentines day Lindsey and Nick, I am so proud of the both of you. I had 52 years with your Uncle William and it was wonderful. Every day your love will grow stronger. You know God is Love and he gives us so much love that we have to pass it out to others. I want you to know that I am passing sweet love to the both of you. I love you dearly. Aunt Della

  • Happy Valentines Day to you both, may this be the most wonderfull and love filled yet!!!! Heres to a long and funfilled loving life together!!!
    Much love to you, Mike & Sherri

  • norma nelson

    happy valentines to two very special people,may your day be one of a kind of many more to come.enjoy your lives and your special love .have a great life.

  • Stephanie

    Happy Valentines Day. Your love is an example for all to fallow.

  • happy valentines day to you both! i am from the Philippines and residing now here in oregon. Cheers!!!

  • Claude Schreiner

    Nick and Lindsey, you are a wonderful couple! I wish you both all the JOY and LOVE in the world!

  • gerrie

    I hope your first Valentines day is fantastic. I know it will be one of many Happy Valentines Days to come. You are a beautiful couple and you both deserve the Best…

  • kmccord

    Happy Valentines Day to you both! May it be filled with so much love =) you two are truly an inspiration and the true meaning of love

  • Teresa

    Dear Nick and Lindsey,
    I hope you both have a wonderful Valentines Day together, you both are a cute couple and I hope you are able to share many more Valentines Days together.

  • Karen, Mark, Sean, Danny, Ash

    My family is sending you two the warmest wishes for a Valentines Day that you will remember for years to come. Love is a gift from God and you two were put together to share your lives by design, with purpose to honor one another forever.

  • Nancy

    Nice and Lindsey, I hope you have a very romantic, fun-filled Valentines Day! You are both an inspiration of what love really means!!

  • Ivana

    Happy your first Valentine’s Day…God bless you….keep loving each other….warm greetings from Croatia!!

  • Donna Pizzi

    Dear Lindsey & Nick: I’ve gotten to know your mother, Linda Atwell, online, Lindsey, via my friendship with former Silvertonian, Charmaine Manley. In fact, I saw your “story” on Charmaine’s FB page. Wanted to send you a very beautiful, heart-felt HAPPY VALENTINE’S! Your love is contagious and obviously your mother, Lindsey, is one of the many who share that love… May the joy of your united spirits continue to bring you joy always! Donna Pizzi – Portland, OR

  • Heather

    Happy 1st Valentines Day Nick & Lindsey! Best wishes for many more Valentines together, Much Love & Peace! The Parmley Family

  • Bety

    Feliz dia de San Valentin !!! Mis mejores deseos para ustedes , from Mexico .

  • Mel

    Happy Valentine’s Day!!! I hope that you find beauty in the everyday and hope in the most unlikely places:) I’m so happy that there is more love in the world.

  • Weebles

    Greetings from Newport, Oregon! What a special story of “Love”. May you have many many years together and lot’s of Valentines’ Days together as well! Love one another is the key to happiness….

  • Wanda

    Hope you both enjoy your day very much. Greeting from Ontario Canada. Much love to you both..Wanda

  • Kate

    Nick and Lindsey, my hope is that EVERY day is Valentines Day for you both. Your beautiful story of love touched my heart. May God continue to bless your lives.

  • Luanne Klassen

    Happy Valentine’s Day Nick and Lindsey, May you both share a lifetime of love and happiness. Your Story of Love has touched many people’s hearts mine included. I wish you much love and happiness.

    Luanne Klassen
    Abbotsford, BC

  • Ami Mental

    This is on my blog for Valentine’s Day.
    And I’m still smiling after reading such a lovely story.

  • GUCCImomma

    From one special needs family to another… Happy Valentines’ Day <3

  • Tobye Lowe

    Happy Valentine’s Day to Nick and Lindsey from Oak Ridge, Tennessee!!! I love your story and I hope you both have a lifetime of beautiful love together!!!! GOD Bless and Hugs from Tennessee!!!

  • Best wishes, valentine’s sweeties.

  • Corrine

    Happy Valentine’s Day and Happy Anniversary! I hope you two have a great day. From Portland, OR. x

  • Debbie

    Happy Valentine’s Day Nick & Lindsey! Your story is a wonderful story. God Bless! May you celebrate many Valentine Days together.

  • Lizzy

    Happy Valentines day! You inspire me and may God bless you with a lifelong love!

  • Joan

    Happy Valentine’s Day to you both. You look so perfect together. Be happy always. Big Hug from Joan in Dublin , Ireland.

  • Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • Amanda

    Happy Valentine’s Day Nick & Lindsey!
    Your story is so inspiring to me . May today be filled with lots of love and chocolate!! 🙂

  • Evert

    Wow you guys are famous in Eugene. Saw you on the news last night on KEZI. Hope you had a wonderful Valentine’s day. From your Uncle Evert and Aunt Chris, and Travis too.

  • Ami Mental

    I keep checking back for an update to see how many cards and letters and emails were sent to Nick and Lindsey for Valentine’s day.

    • Ami, I’m in the process of writing a post about it. It looks like a little over 500 now with on line and actual mail. Thanks for your part in making this happen. Also, you can read a story by the Statesman Journal on my fb page Out One Ear. Cara Pallone wrote the sweetest story that appeared the day after Valentine’ Day. Check it out. The response from everyone was heartwarming! I write a lot on that page too.

      • Ami Mental

        THANK you for the update. I’m crying. How lovely people can be!! Posting to my blog tomorrow and to my FB NOW. 🙂

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